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Infovision Consultants W. L. L. is one of the largest ISO and business management consulting and training organization offering services to organizations of all nature and sizes. We are specialize in value added consultancy for the entire range of ISO system certifications globally.

1. Consultancy services for ISO series system certification and product certification:

Our expert consultants will assist you at every phase of the project, and will provide the tools you need for successful implementation and improvement of your system. Our standard methodology covers…

  • Gap Analysis
  • Awareness Training Programs
  • Documentation Training Programs
  • Process Documentations
  • PIM Workshops (Ask today about our unique PIM Tool for Process Mapping)
  • Manual Preparations
  • Support in Implementation
  • Internal Auditor Training Programs
  • Assistance in Internal Audits
  • Assistance in Management Review
  • Readiness Review Audits
  • Assistance during Certification Audits

Since all projects are unique and we don’t believe in one-size-fit-all approach; hence our project management depends on the size of the client, complexity of the processes, urgency of the client, and competence of people working for client.

2. e-ISO (Online Virtual Consultancy and BPO Services):

We proud ourselves to be among first few ISO Consulting offering BPO services. Our virtual fully equipped BPO centers support clients with “Cost-effective and Fast-track” ISO implementation guidance “WITHOUT VISITING CLIENT SITE”. Our E-ISO consultants are trained professionals with lot of experience in consulting, training and support and assist clients online using broadband internet facilities and video conferencing and skypeing. Our methodology covers

  • Micro-level questionnaire to identify the gaps filled by client and discussed with our team
  • Awareness Training Programs (Online)
  • Documentation Training Programs (Online)
  • Process Documentations –( Online Delivery of Procedures)
  • Online PIM Workshops (Ask today about our unique PIM Tool for Process Mapping)
  • Manual Preparations –( Online Delivery of Manual)
  • Support in Implementation –( Online Support)
  • Internal Auditor Training Programs –( Online)
  • Assistance in Management Review–( Online)
  • Assistance during Certification Audits

3. ISO Continual Improvement and Systems Maintenance Support Services:

Right after you are certified and want to continually improve your system, we consulting team support you in maintaining the system by offering services based on agreed mandays/manhours. We assist you team to

  • upgrade documents & procedures,
  • conduct necessary trainings for new employees and refresher trainings for already trained employees,
  • assist in analysis of data for continual improvement,
  • conduct internal audits on client’s behalf,
  • conduct second party audits (suppliers/customer audits) on client’s behalf,
  • assist client with timely advise on improving the overall management system

We become you inhouse continual improvement team and make sure that your system is strengthening and turning into life-style and culture for your people and organization

4. Cost Effective ISO Project Management Services:

If you believe you have the right professionals to document your system and you just need consultants to steer your project till certification and fill in the gaps that are missing in your existing team, we can assist you with our cost-effective management system project management services. We will steer the project and oversee all activities done by your team and review and analyze each document or procedure produced by your team, conduct necessary trainings to ensure that the management system is adequately understood in the organization, and conduct readiness reviews before you call your certification company. We ensure under our scope that you get successful iso certification.

5. e-Shop - Online Best Selling Documents, Presentations and Trainings:

We fully assist companies and organizations that want or need to implement latest management systems like 5S lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Kanban, Benchmarking, Export marketing, Strategic management, Six sigma, TPM, Just in time, Poka yoke etc. Provide READYMADE EDITABLE TRAINING KIT COVERING SLIDES, HANDOUTS, WORKSHOPS AND CASE STUDY AS A COST EFFECTIVE TOOL TO TRAIN THE TEAM BY OWN TRAINER.


6. Training on ISO and Management Best Practices

We offer public and in-house courses on ISO series for awareness, foundation course, documentation and internal auditor courses. We offer the training in the areas of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949,OHSAS:18001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, Six-Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, 5S lean, KRA, TPM etc. The courses use the exact text of the standards or regulation, and will provide accurate training, free of distortions and misinterpretations other courses typically have. They can be taken from the convenience of your time and you can invite our trainers at your side or attend our public seminars. On completion of the course we give certificate to participants who successfully complete the courses.

We also offer IRCA Registered Auditor / Lead Auditor Training programs for various management system standards as per our annual training calendar or on request from clients as in-house courses at their premises.

Most of our training programs for Awareness, Internal Audits, Documentation, Calibration, etc are already accredited with Leading Academies in European Union and are also listed with Vocation Training Authorities of various countries. So your investment in iso training program with us brings you AUTHENTIC credentials accepted globally.

7. Internal Audits, Compliance Audits, Effectiveness Audits and Improvement Audits Outsourcing Services

Contract internal auditing services, using our experienced auditors. We can also work with your existing audit teams to refresh training, develop more effective systems, and get the most out of your auditing activities.

8. Diagnostic System Analysis and Change Management Planning Support

“As-Is” Analysis of company processes and activities

The “As-Is” analysis should at least address the following:

  • Determine Enterprise readiness for the implementation of ISO 9001:2008
  • Defining current processes and activities
  • Measuring process performance
  • Identifying process shortcomings/ GAP Analysis
  • Identifying and evaluating problems and their causes

Development of Processes and Solutions

  • Provide solutions and recommendations to improve quality as per ISO standards
  • Develop new processes and procedures to be followed by the entity as per ISO standards
  • Identify employee activities/ actions that lead to improvement of quality as per ISO standards
  • Preparation of quality process manuals and systems procedure as per ISO standards

Formalization and Implementation of a Change Management Plan

The change management plan should at least address the following:

  • Formalization of Change Management Plan
  • Identifying and developing “To-be” Model
  • Identifying resources to implement change
  • Formalizing steps and processes of change management plan.
  • Identifying impacts of change on Capital Electrical Equipments
  • Implementation of Change Management Plan
  • Support the implementing of changes to processes/ activities
  • Test and measure performance of new processes/ activities

Formalization and Implementation of a Training Plan

The training plan should at least address the following:

  • Training Plan
  • Identifying training topics
  • Training Approach
  • Training Requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Techniques and tools
  • Training Schedule
  • Dates and duration of each training activity
  • Post and Pre training reporting templates
  • Training participants

9. Strategic Staffing and Head Hunting Services

We understand the requirement of both employers and employees and suggest the best-fits. Our strong database of candidates and ever-increasing demand from employers to provide them competent employees to manage their management systems standards implementation, training and maintenance. We provide management representatives, management appointees, fresh quality trainees, quality control professionals with experience in Q.C. Departments, environmental professionals, TQM professionals, Six Sigma professionals, Balanced Scorecard professionals, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, Safety Officers and Managers, Information Security Management System Professionals, Information Technology Service Management System Professionals, Laboratory Management system professionals for material testing and calibration laboratories, etc

All employees recommended by us goes through various pre-qualification phases to ensure the credibility of their information and their competence as stated in their resumes. Our success rate so far is much above the industry standard for strategic staffing…

10. Customized Training Solutions

We focus on providing clients with solutions beyond the model of conventional training. By identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for optimum performance, we assemble our training solutions completely around your desired outcomes. Our proven framework for analysing the business and training need allows us to get to the core of your development requirements. All of our training solutions have a profound impact when implemented in practice.

All RealConsult customised training solutions are tailor-made to address your issues, ensuring that you achieve maximum benefits as well as providing your staff with priceless teambuilding opportunities. When a public course isn’t matching your development requirements, either because the topic doesn’t match 100% or the sheer volume of staff with the requirement, your team will offer you courses that are just-right-for-you…

11. Documentations and Sales of Ready-made Packages

Process maps, procedures and work instructions, using our exclusive Business Mapping methodology named as PIM (Process Information Matrix). Create streamlined documentation that fits your business and align your management system with your business requirement

We fully assist companies and organizations that want or need to implement latest management systems like 5S lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Kanban, Benchmarking, Export marketing, Strategic management, Six sigma, TPM, Just in time, Poka yoke etc. Under management consultancy we help the organization as below. In addition we provide readymade editable training kit covering slides, handouts, workshops and case study as a cost effective tool to train the team by own trainer.

12. Documentations and Sales of Ready-made Packages

Based on years of experience in ERP in different industries enables us to advise clients on evaluating their ERP requirements, creating RFQ, or actual ERP implementation support on Microsoft, Oracle, SAP ERP softwares.

We also support companies with automating their management systems by developing software products and / or providing off-the-shelve products.

Automation support is provided by our two strategic business units read more about these ICT and Software SBUs at www.iconme.com and www.realproerp.com


Based on the demand of Middle East market, Infovision Consultants has developed ISO COMPLIANCE SOLUTION for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, India, USA, UK, Canada, Europeon Union, African Union, Australia, etc.

ISO Compliance Solution is a cost effective and highly practical ISO Automation software available in desktop and on-demand versions.

ISO Compliance Solution has unmatched benefits and features

  • It meets needs of businesses of any size
  • It is affordable for any size business - simple the best "Quality:Price" ratio
  • No limits on number of PCs - users' workstations
  • Local network and WEB-versions
  • Free perpetual technical support from the software supplier
  • Multi-language interface
  • Local Support through Infovision Consultants

ISO Compliance software cover all requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and all other new and revised standards designed on Annex SL MSS.



Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001

Environment Management Systems

ISO 14001

Occupational Health & Safety

OHSAS 18001

Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000

BRC/IoP Global Standards


Laboratory Accreditation Systems

ISO 17025

IT Services Management

ISO 20000

IT Security Management

BS 7799 / ISO 27000

QMS for Telecommunications

TL 9000

QMS for Automobile Sector

TS 16949

QMS for Medical Devices

ISO 13485

Customer Complaints Management System

ISO 10002

Disaster Recovery & Risk Management

BS 25999

Social Accountability

SA 8000

Integrated Quality, Environment, Health & Safety

QEHS / Integrated Management System

Integrated Quality, Environment, Social Accountability


Balanced Scorecard


Regional & Global Management Systems


Total Quality Management



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